Your retirement plan shouldn’t be!

Most people have their retirement dollars invested in 401k’s and mutual funds. While that strategy may be really smart when you are younger, it may not make a lot of sense to keep that same strategy as you are approaching retirement age!

Remember, if the Stock Market can go up it can also GO DOWN. In 2001, the Market crashed and it took almost 7 years to basically get back to even. The same 7 year crash and recovery cycle happened again with the crash of 2008.

Here’s the question. If you are approaching retirement age and are counting and depending on the money you have invested and the Market crashes again, do you want to potentially wait 7 years for your money to get back to “even”? I think everyone agrees that the next crash is not a matter of “if”; it’s only a matter of "when".

If you are approaching retirement age and your money is still potentially at risk in an uncertain Stock Market, there is a better and more age appropriate way for you to…

  • Safety net your hard earned retirement dollars
  • Still get reasonable growth
  • Guarantee that you cannot lose money in a down Market.
  • Have a guaranteed income that you cannot outlive

With effective planning today, we can help you create a personal retirement plan that will go up when the Market is doing well and guarantees that you cannot lose money when the Market is going down.

Let’s have a cup of coffee and a conversation about a plan that will work for your retirement years.

After all, a plan isn’t really a plan if it doesn’t work.